Slow Night 2

Even as I am writing this I feel my eyes drooping down, weighing equivalent to a mass of lead. It's crazy how fairly angst filled today was. I, due to technical malfunctions, managed to not land a single one of my desired courses. Everything single upper level history course has been taken up. I guess it is about time I start my own little kowtow system that the Qing demanded of people.

My readings tonight included John Selby's The Paper Dragon, Chang Commissioner Lin and the Opium War, also Collis' Foreign Mud. I am looking to aim the paper at the downfall of the British East India Trading Company and the importance of merchants as the medium men negotiating between two larger powers which they represent. Over all it is shaping up well. Especially as it plays out differently from the concerns of Lin Zexu at that time. Again I may be just talking out of my head. Alright, time to get a little bit of rest.

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